Jive Media's approach

The six comic stories that make up the Everyday Heroes are set in a vibrant and multi-cultural peri-urban community, of Bhekanani (help one another), South Africa. In this community, like any community, there are rich and poor, old and young. There is good and, like any community, lurking in the darkness of the shadows, there is evil.

The evil is personified by a kingpin, "The Boss" and his sidekick Stix - a smooth operator who does The Boss's dirty work.


But in this community, like in any community, there are the Everyday Heroes.

The Everyday Heroes are the people who live out the spirit of Ubuntu - putting the needs of others ahead of their own. These are the ordinary people who make up our rich and diverse nation. They include the "Batho Pele" professionals - the police, the nurses and the social workers - but they also include the ordinary men and women who refuse to let evil prosper.

Meet the firm but fair Gogo "Magic" Mkhize - the mother of the community. Meet Ntate Moloi, the elderly driver and messenger at a local law firm who has overcome his own childhood experiences of domestic violence.


Meet DJ Life the radio disk jockey whose disability does nothing to stop him from living life to the full -and his new friend Jerome who overcomes his own disability.


Meet S'bongile - the single parent and social worker whose caring nature is known to all. Meet Mothusi - the courageous policewoman who won't be intimidated.


These are just some of the members of this community. The Everyday Heroes will be revealed through the stories in the six comics. So too will the truth that ultimately, the power lies with us, individually and as communities, to empower victims to access help and healing.

The Everyday Heroes comics are created by Jive Media